Who are we?


A: This is Anneliese. 27, gemini, a dog lover and an ice cream enthusiast.

Anneliese’s home town is Bishops Bridge, NSW, Australia where her Mum, brother Dom, brother in-law Gareth and 2 puppies live. For the past 3 and a half years however, she’s been living on the other side of the world in London, working as a paramedic for the London Ambulance Service.

Her first memories of riding a bike are of her brother Robert teaching her to ride without training wheels on the back deck of her house in Newcastle. Robert found an rusty old bike in the shed and did it up for her, complete with a gel cushioned seat.

Anneliese’s love for cycling really began to blossom in London. Too poor to buy a car, and realising that public transport in peak hour induces instant rage, cycling seemed like the obvious choice. Forced exercise without a gym membership, plus getting from A to B without TFL delays and traffic. Easy! Her first London bike was a £50 ex-rental bike from Southbank, a hideous, heavy green thing.  On the first ride home to Blackheath from Southbank she found herself terribly lost, and walking up Greenwich hill. Things have progressed a little since then. She now ride a beautiful Liv Avail road bike to work and has recently invested in some cleats!

Since first meeting Joey, he has always spoken of his life dream to cycle around the world. Whilst her initial reaction was disbelief and laughter, she slowly but surely came around to the idea of joining him on this crazy adventure. Let’s see how long she lasts!


J: Joey is an Aussie chap based in London.

His official job was a paramedic in the NHS, however he spends an equal amount of time away exploring the mountains, oceans and in betweens on his bicycle.

“We’re taking a break from health care and cycling from London to Australia via wherever the road takes us. We hope to explore the more subtle parts of the world to gain perspective of what’s truly important in life, and share combined energies from the more humble communities along the way.”

Joey strongly believes cycling is the most wholesome and sustainable way that we can explore our environments, so here’s to a future on two wheels!