#2 Quite an adventure


Before we begin, each post has an author, visible above. Although travelling together, our experiences, impressions and emotions are unique and independent of one another, and we hope to reflect this in our blog.

~ Quite an adventure ~

… is how David describes his journey with multiple sclerosis (MS). David is a Belgian barista and curator of @_humblecoffee_ in Tournai. He was one of the first to introduce high quality, specialty coffee to the south of Belgium.


We immediately felt at ease from that constant travellers state of alertness when peering into his shop. The simple decor, local art and bikes. Young guys contemplating life over coffee and sharing laughs. He also immediately understood my Aussie yarn of ‘flat white please’ and delivered a velvety 8oz of pure gold. A rarity in this part of Europe.


Multiple sclerosis is the most commonly acquired chronic neurological disease affecting young adults. It’s a condition where the bodies immune system attacks it’s own myelin sheaths surrounding nerve cells. These sheaths act as a protective barrier for nerve cells and increase the speed of which impulses travel. When nervous tissue is damaged during a MS crisis, neurologic symptoms develop like fatigue, vision problems, altered sensation and mobility difficulties.


David said his neurologist was shocked at the amount of lesions on his spinal cord, and atrophy of his brain, considering how functional he is. The cause of MS is still unknown and there is no cure. Medications currently alter the course of MS by reducing relapses and delaying progression.


His monthly meds come via IV drip in a clinic. They create a strong barrier around his brain and spinal cord, to protect nerve cells from his own immune system. This fortunately slows progression of MS and reduces the burden of his crisis periods, which in turn allow him to focus on the important things in life like his family and humble coffee.


This treatment wouldn’t be possible without research that the The Brain Foundation funds. By contributing, we can assist to understand the origins of MS, and help find a cure. This morning if you could match the cost of your daily coffee or tea and donate it to the Brain Foundation, you’ll be seriously helping millions of people with MS to suffer less, and allow them to continue with their specialty journey.

We’re at 5% of $10,000 thanks to your generous support so far! 🙌




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